mardi 28 mai 2013

Dealing with time 1/2

Today's article is about my own generation: I look with wonder at the speed at which we live and think about the impact it has on our lives. Enjoy the reading on Grids at work!

mardi 21 mai 2013

Rifkin's TIR, pillar 5/5: electric vehicles

Last but not least, the TIR's fifth pillar is about transitioning to electric vehicles (EV), which role is of course to be energy-efficient but also to integrate the first four pillars:

  • EV should be as green as possible and be based on renewables (first pillar)
  • EV could produce and sell energy and therefore also be small power plant of their own (second pillar)
  • EV could store excessive electricity in their batteries (third pillar)
  • EV can connect to the grid and therefore participate in the complex game of electricity sharing (fourth pillar)
Hope you'll enjoy the reading on Energy in transition!

mardi 14 mai 2013

SolarKiosk: an example for sustainable development

Today I republish an article about SolarKiosk and its impact in developing countries and the world in general, but this time in English. To me, what's really important is that this company is including in its economical mission social and environmental objectives. And it's not an additional charge for them but really the reason why their activity is working: it is possible to make money AND create social and/or environmental value.

Enjoy the reading on Business with impact!

mardi 7 mai 2013

Circuits courts : consommer local

Aujourd'hui, je m'intéresse aux circuits courts, forts en vogue en ce moment, et tente de comprendre pourquoi ils se développent si bien. Bonne lecture sur Grids at work !