mardi 23 juillet 2013

Fossil or renewable?

Today, I follow up with my classification of energy sources with discussing the why and how I made up my mind about the most tangent cases when separating renewable from fossil energies. Enjoy the reading on Energy in transition!

mardi 16 juillet 2013

The Canadian Center for Social Innovation

Today, I focus on the Canadian Center for Social Innovation, which business model shows us how building a community can be an efficient way to foster the development of social businesses. Enjoy the reading on Business with impact!

mardi 9 juillet 2013

Robin Chase: Excuse me, may I rent your car?

Today, I'd like to share a video where you hear founder of Zipcar and Buzzcar Robin Chase talk about how her experiences made her develop the concept of Peers Inc.

Enjoy the video here under and the full article on Grids at work!

mardi 2 juillet 2013

Conventional energies... or not?

I recently published a mapping of energy sources, classifying them as conventional or unconventional, and fossil or renewable energies. Some energies were not so easy to put in one box or the other, so today I focus on the distinction I made between "conventional" and "not-conventional".

Enjoy the reading on Energy in transition!