mardi 20 août 2013

Printing... in 3D!

Today I focus on a new technology that might soon radically change our economy and contribute to making it shift from pyramidal to lateral... Enjoy the reading on Grids at work!

mardi 13 août 2013

Being renewable, and being sustainable

Renewables are often associated with offering our lifestyles a sustainable future. Because renewables won't have an end. Because they are clean. Because they have no ecological impact.
I question those issues in today's post, of which I hope you'll enjoy the reading on Energy in transition!

mardi 6 août 2013

Sustainable development, the 3 Ps

Today on Business with impact, I come back on the reason why I often focus on the social impact of business. Sustainable development is indeed about Profit, the Planet... and the People! Enjoy the reading...