mardi 23 octobre 2012

Why I decided to also write in English

You may wonder why my last article was in English. This post is about why I decided to use multiple languages in this blog, in particular French and English. The first is obvious: it's my mother tongue. The second is a little less.

However during the last months, or by now even years, I have been interested in subjects that were spread in multiple languages, for example through TED, which I introduced here, where the talks are in English, even if the subtitles are in languages from all over the world.

Surprinsingly I realized only very recently that understanding multiple languages was a tool to use in my search for ideas. As a matter of fact, although ideas are universal, some concepts might not be translated... yet. Some cultures might have pushed further some particular issue for whatever the reason. And typing the same keyword in different languages might in the end not give the same results in Google search!

The other way around, using multiple languages will make this blog readable for more people and French is not the most spoken language on Earth!

Besides, I believe and I can simply see around me how more and more people are travelling, meeting people, getting to know each other's culture, and finally learning to speak other languages. In our globalized world (and I'm not even talking about people who live in areas where two or more languages are spoken daily), it is becoming more and more frequent, more and more common to understand and use more than just one language in the day-to-day life.

So let's be congruent with what I think when I speak (and will speak more in details in the coming weeks) about living in a local interconnected world...

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